Sunday 18 Nov 2018
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News for arthritis on Sunday 18 Nov 2018

Plugging the gap for younger rheumatoid arthritis sufferers (Funky Arthur)

Funky Arthur, has launched an online store aimed at rheumatoid arthritis sufferers in the UK. Selling a wide range of contemporary arthritis aids and with a modern look and feel, the site plugs the gap that exists for younger sufferers of arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a leading cause of long-term disability in the UK. Each year 12,000 new diagnoses are made; a large number of these diagnoses are made to men and women aged under 50. Until now, provision for this demographic has been lacking, with the majority of existing sites geared towards older sufferers. is an online shop which plugs this gap, selling contemporary arthritis aids to the young and young at heart.

Angela Lown, business owner said:

“When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 36 I was in complete shock. I had always thought that arthritis was something that came to you in old age, not something that you could have in your 30s with 3 small children to look after. My shock was compounded by the lack of online provision for modern arthritis aids and gadgets that would help me maintain as much normality as possible. This frustration inspired me to create – a website where people can come and buy great products with ease”.

Funky Arthur stocks a wide range of arthritis products, from kitchen aids and bathing aids to coloured walking sticks and the revolutionary Trionic Rollator, a walker with a design that mimics that of modern baby buggies.

For further information: Funky Arthur store for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers

Funky Arthur
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